September 2020 Android security bulletin goes live alongside Android 11 update

September 2020 Android security bulletin goes live alongside Android 11 update

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Alongside the release of Android 11 for Pixel phones, Google on Tuesday also published the Android Security Bulletin for September 2020. The bulletin contains details about security vulnerabilities affecting Android devices.

As we explained before, every monthly Android Security Bulletin contains patches for vulnerabilities discovered in the Android framework, the Linux kernel, and closed-source vendor components from companies like Qualcomm. Google typically publishes the bulletin on the first Monday of every month, but yesterday was the Labor Day holiday in the United States, so Google pushed the release to today. The latest Android Security Bulletin provides details for the 2020-09-01 security patch level (containing Framework + Kernel patches) as well as the 2020-09-05 security patch level (Framework + Kernel + vendor patches). With Android 11 now available for Pixel devices and in beta for handsets made by OnePlus, Xiaomi, and others, Google will surely have its sights set on closing as many vulnerabilities as possible for older versions of Android.

The September 2020 patch is already available for Pixel phones updating to Android 11, but it will also roll out to devices from other OEMs in the coming days and weeks. Samsung, for instance, has already rolled out the September 2020 patches to a handful of its devices, including the Galaxy Note 20, the Galaxy A50, the Galaxy Note 9, the Galaxy S10, the Galaxy Note 10 Lite, and Galaxy Note 10. Custom ROM makers will be able to merge the Framework and Kernel patches by rebasing once the latest tags go live in AOSP, and they’ll also be able to extract BLOBs from the latest firmware releases from OEMs in order to patch closed-source vendor components.

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