New NVIDIA drivers for September add support for Windows 11

New NVIDIA drivers for September add support for Windows 11

NVIDIA has released the September update to the Studio and Game Ready drivers for its GPUs. One of the headlining features in the latest NVIDIA drivers is support for Windows 11, something we’ve seen from both Intel and AMD. This is because the new operating system is set to release on October 5th, so we’re just a couple of weeks away now. These updated drivers should help ensure all the new Windows 11 features work as intended upon release.

That’s not all that’s new, however. The NVIDIA Studio driver update for September also adds official support for Jianying Pro, a popular video editing software in China. The software now supports both NVENC and NVDEC encoding on NVIDIA GPUs, and NVIDIA says video production is accelerated by as much as 4.3x because of it. Finally, there’s also update to the NVIDIA Maxine AR SDK, which improves the stability of body tracking features.


Aside from the September NVIDIA Studio driver, the company also released an update to Canvas, its AI-powered painting app. This app first debuted back in June, and the concept is based on the idea that you paint using materials, rather than colors. For example, you can paint an area with a mountain texture, and Canvas automatically turns that into a realistic mountain.

Choosing a style in NVIDIA Canvas

With this update, users can create custom styles for their paintings, rather than just using the default ones. A style applies a different-looking texture to each type of material, based on things like the time of the day. With custom styles, you can choose one of your own existing pictures and make your painting have the same look. If you haven’t yet, you can check out the latest Canvas update.

If you’re less of a painter and more of a streamer, NVIDIA recently updated its Broadcast app, too. The latest update improves performance when stacking multiple AI-powered effects and improves noise removal during high-intensity moments where a person may be screaming.

Finally, NVIDIA also touted the launch of new Studio laptops from ASUS – the StudioBool Pro 16, ZenBook Pro, and VivoBook Pro. These models were all introduced earlier this month and they feature OLED displays along with powerful specs for creative workloads.

Alongside the news for creators, NVIDIA also introduced new Game Ready drivers, which also include support for Windows 11. In addition to that, the new driver adds support for eight new games, including Alan Wake Remastered, Deathloop, Diablo II: Ressurrected, Far Cry 6, Hot Wheels Unleashed, INDUSTRIA, New World, and World War Z Aftermath. Many of these games support features like real-time ray tracing and NVIDIA DLSS, which are only available on RTX graphics cards.

The driver also includes a new deep learning anti-aliasing (DLAA) technology for Elder Scrolls Online. This leverages the same technology as DLSS, but instead of trying to boost performance by rendering at a lower resolution and upscaling, it works on the native resolution to improve the quality even further. If your GPU has additional headroom, you can use this to make your game look even better. Presumably, more games will support this in the future.

Whether you’re interested in the Studio or Game Ready variants, you can download the latest NVIDIA drivers here.

[Update @ 9:32AM ET] The article has been updated to include the new Game Ready drivers that are also available today.

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