Lawnchair and Hyperion launchers add Sesame Shortcuts integration

Lawnchair and Hyperion launchers add Sesame Shortcuts integration

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Sesame Shortcuts is a universal search integration for Android launchers. It makes it easy for users to search for apps, app shortcuts, contacts, WhatsApp conversations, Netflix titles, Spotify playlists and so much more, all from one single place. If you want to search for anything, you can do it through Sesame, making everything 1 or 2 taps away. Sesame has API integrations with Spotify, YouTube, Gmail, Maps, Slack, Reddit, Telegram and many more apps, letting you search through all of them from one spot. The app even detects wallpaper colors and styles itself accordingly.

Sesame Shortcuts has notably been integrated into Nova Launcher. Now, popular launchers Lawnchair as well as Hyperion have announced that they have added in Sesame Shortcuts integration.

Hyperion Changelog:

  • Add support for Sesame Shortcuts (Version 3.3.0+).
  • Add gesture to hide/show workspace contents.
  • Add Google feed theme option.
  • Remove confusing editing mode, deletion is now a swipe action.
  • Remove Awareness API and associated permissions since it’s being shut down by Google.
  • Allow reordering drawer tabs.
  • Bug fixes and improvements.

Sesame Shortcuts is in perpetual free trial mode, with a nag screen coming in after a period of 14 days. Try it out and let us know what you think!

Lawnchair 2
Lawnchair 2
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hyperion launcher
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