How to Set a Video as Your Boot Animation

How to Set a Video as Your Boot Animation

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If you wish to make your phone truly unique, you may want to consider adding a nice boot animation. A boot animation is nothing more than a set of PNG files that are played one after another at the desired frame rate, while the operating system loads. Various OEMs put their own animations and often add sound during the boot process to make their devices cooler.

Splitting one video into so many single files reduces fluidity, because device has to proceed every file. The guys from Motorola decided to change that behavior and compiled a new bootanimation binary that uses MP4 video files during the booting process. XDA Senior Member devilex94 noticed that and wrote an interesting guide for the XDA-University explaining how to use the video boot animation on devices running KitKat.

The provided method is very simple and requires you to do three things: root your device, copy the patched bootanimation binary, and set the correct permission in order to make it work. After doing these three not-so-challenging tasks, your device is ready to handle the video files as a nice introduction to your currently selected ROM.

Video as a boot animation is undoubtedly a great idea. If you have a big system partition, you can push some really big files to make your device look unique. But first, you need to visit the Set Video as bootanimation forum thread to learn more.