Share Prerecorded Images and Videos via Snapchat

Share Prerecorded Images and Videos via Snapchat

We’ve known for some time that Snapchat isn’t exactly the most secure image sharing app available, especially if the recipient is running a rooted device. But there’s another, far less malicious form of deception possible in Snapchat: sending pre-recorded images and videos through the app, as if they were just taken.

XDA Senior Member stammler created a fun Xposed module that allows you to share any saved image or portrait video from within Snapchat. It works by adding an entry for Snapchat in your share menu. So when you view an image or video, all you have to do is click share and select the appropriate application. The application then intercepts the command and works its magic, making it look like you just snapped an image or video that was previously recorded. And naturally, since this is an Xposed module, you will need to have XDA Recognized Developer rovo89‘s Xposed Framework (thread) installed.

To get started, simply head over to the module thread. And if you wish to take a look at the source, visit the project’s Github.

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