Share Your Christmas Tree to Help Improve Our World, In Huawei’s Charity Event

Share Your Christmas Tree to Help Improve Our World, In Huawei’s Charity Event

Huawei is teaming up with Rainforest Connection in a Holiday Charity Event. You can participate by taking a photo of a Christmas tree and sharing it on instagram. For each Christmas tree shared, Huawei will donate to the organisation. You will also be entered to win prizes! See how you can participate.

Official Thread

The Goal of this Charity Event

Huawei has promised to donate $1 for every Christmas tree photo uploaded to instagram, with the tag #ChristmasTree4Earth. With a goal of $20,000 in donations, Huawei is hoping to inspire enough people to participate in the event, that we can get to the 20,000 Christmas tree mark. All donations will go to Rainforest Connection, with the intent to help protect the rainforest.


How to contribute

Step 1. Follow the Huawei Instagram account (@Huawei)

Step 2. Create a new post on Instagram or Facebook about your Christmas tree, and add the hashtag #ChristmasTree4Earth to the post.

Step 3. Reply to this thread with a screenshot of your social media post, if you want to win an extra gift card!

Step 4. Submit your post by the deadline [December 31st, 2019]


  • Special Prizes: Two Name right of Guardian installed in the forest with access to the audio stream coming from their own Guardian.
  • Three Huawei products as surprise gifts to three winners
  • Ten Community-exclusive prizes: Amazon gift card of US$20.

How Winners Will Be Selected

Huawei will invite Influencers to takeover Huawei’s official IG account and do a live stream on Dec 31st. During the live stream, the Influencers will screenshot randomly and pick three audience members for Huawei products. The Influencers will also select the two best Christmas tree posts tagging #ChristmasTree4Earth for the special prize.

For the Community-exclusive prizes: The ten winners will be drawn out based on the calculations. The valid contestant comments whose comment numbers are 4%, 14%, 24%, 34%, 44%, 54%, 64%, 74%, 84%, and 94% of the total comments will be the winners.

Sound like fun? Get started over at the official thread so help contribute to this great cause.

Official Thread
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