You can now share YouTube Music to your Instagram Stories

You can now share YouTube Music to your Instagram Stories

If you’ve been dying to share your YouTube Music hits and playlists with people that follow you on Instagram, your time has finally arrived, as the feature is now rolling out to users with the latest update of YouTube Music for Android.

Previously, YouTube Music updated its apps to allow users to share music to Snapchat. Now, several months later, users who have downloaded the latest update of YouTube Music, version 5.23.50, will now be able to share music with people on Instagram. According to 9to5Google, the ability to share songs to Instagram Stories is now slowly rolling out. Although there was previously an icon for the feature, using it resulted in the app crashing, which undoubtedly left many users disappointed. Luckily, now that button is fully operational, allowing users to share songs, playlists, album pages, and more.


By engaging with the share icon, users will now see the option to share music to Instagram, pressing this, users will be launched into Instagram Stories. In Instagram Stories, you’ll see the cover art for the music that you are trying to share. The art looks clean with a small logo attached underneath showing what music service it is being shared from. Once you have shared your music on Instagram, users will be able to play the music by hitting the link in the top left-hand corner.

YouTube Music has made many updates to its platform over the past few months. The most recent update brought support for Android 13. The enhanced UI offered larger media buttons, along with a themed look that matched album cover art. The app has also brought better support to Android tablets and has also introduced seasonal music recaps so that you can enjoy your best music of each season. If you are not seeing the update, try heading to the Google Play Store to download the latest version.

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