Shooting at 960fps on the Honor View20 [Video]

Shooting at 960fps on the Honor View20 [Video]

The Honor View20 has a slow-mo option that lets you shoot in 120fps, 240fps, and 960fps. This super high speed frame rate is played back at 30fps to create some really amazing slow motion footage, provided you choose the right subject. The video above shows off some of the tests using the Honor View20 slow-motion camera.

Frame Rate Resolution
120fps 1080×1920
240fps 720×1280
960fps 720×1280
When shooting at 960fps, you have a short window of about one second to capture the action. The footage is slowed to about 10 seconds to create the slow-motion effect. This screenshot shows the information on a clip which comes out to 5.3MB in size.

Slow motion 960fps videos are filmed at 720p resolution.

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Editor’s Note: The Honor View20 cannot truly record super slow motion videos at 960fps. Joining the likes of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, the View20 uses frame interpolation to fill in the gaps and make it seem like it’s really 960fps. Although, the image sensor on the View20 is capable of [email protected], so it only needs to interpolate every other frame. The Sony IMX586 lacks the dedicated DRAM die needed to temporarily store a huge number of frames that are being captured before passing them to the image buffer and finally writing them to storage, so it can’t manage recording 960 frames each second. The only smartphones with true 960fps video recording are the Sony Xperia XZ flagships and beyond and the Samsung Galaxy S9 flagship series and beyond. That being said, the 960fps recording on the View20 is passable if you don’t look too closely at the subject matter, and you avoid difficult subjects like moving water.

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