Should I install the iPadOS beta version on my iPad?

Should I install the iPadOS beta version on my iPad?

iPads are versatile devices that cater to different needs — including gaming, work, studies, and more. With every major iPadOS release, Apple further boosts these glass slabs with new features. The company is slowly removing the limits and constraints iOS has left behind in this operating system. It still doesn’t offer the liberties of a Mac, but it’s now much more advanced than an iPhone. It’s easy to install iPadOS beta to try out Apple’s latest additions to the platform. Though, is it wise to do so? New features can indeed be tempting. However, pre-release builds can be riddled with bugs and unexpected behavior. Here’s our advice to you.


Unlike the Apple Watch, downgrading to a stable build in an iPad is relatively easy and doable at home. So if you dislike the iPadOS beta experience, you can switch back to the stable version of the OS. So you can at least try the beta out and decide if it’s for you or not — assuming you know what you’re doing. If this sounds all confusing to you, it’s smart to avoid beta OS builds.

Additionally, if you use your iPad for work or studies, it’s not the greatest idea to enroll it in the beta program. Apps and core features could glitch or break completely. If your iPad is just a media consumption or entertainment device, then perhaps there’s no harm in running iPadOS beta on it. Ultimately the decision isn’t permanent, and you could always undo it if you change your mind with the help of a computer.

Personally, I’ve been running iPadOS beta builds on my daily driver for the longest time. I’ve never encountered any deal-breaking bugs so far. Sometimes the battery life takes a hit or the user interface of some system elements glitch — nothing too extreme, in my opinion. If you seek a polished operating system, then definitely avoid the beta.

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Will you be installing iPadOS beta on your iPad? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments section below.

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