Show Your True Colors with I’m a WinPho for Windows Phone 7

Show Your True Colors with I’m a WinPho for Windows Phone 7

If you just very excitedly jumped ship from whatever device you were on into the brand new Windows Phone 7 devices and are really into rubbing this onto your loved one’s faces, then you really need to look at what XDA member pckshd has prepared for us. This app will create an avatar kind of picture with a caption that reads “I’m a WinPho”. The software allows for easy transfer of the image into your Facebook profile. You can also add some war markings to your picture, turning you into a WP7 groupie.

The app is simple and does exactly what it is supposed to. If you have any feedback to share with the dev, please leave it in the thread.

With I’m a WinPho you can share with your friends how proud and excited you are just after getting your Windows Phone 7 device. The app allows you to create a badge with your face using your camera or your Facebook profile picture. You can also paint some “fan” marks or signs on your face, choose your favorite color and post it directly on your Facebook Wall. So yes, this is a simple but fun app!

You can find more information in the application thread.

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