Efficiently Shrink ROM Update Zips with DeltaJen Tool

Efficiently Shrink ROM Update Zips with DeltaJen Tool

Ever since the early days of Android, back when it had a reputation of being bug-riddled and lacking in performance, custom ROMs were always the solution. In those days, they were focused on providing performance optimization, lag removal, and bug fixes. But with each Android iteration, the operating system got better, and ROM developers saw their roles gradually change. Nowadays, custom ROMs focus on providing new features, user experience enhancement and interface tweaks in addition to just fixing bugs. Despite the change, the end user still clamours for the same thing, the latest update–however small or insignificant it may be.

Downloading an entire ROM zip just to get a small update does seem rather pointless, and somewhere down the line, a new solution in the form of Delta updates surfaced which only required you to download a small zip containing the required files. XDA Recognized Developer cybojenix has developed a nifty tool, DeltaJen, that works similarly by allowing you to make an incremental update for the ROM by comparing two ROM zips and promises extremely small updates.

Head over to the DeltaJen thread to get started with the tool. For now, DeltaJen does not fully support Windows, and Linux is the recommended choice. However, the zips it produces are compatible with any recovery. Happy flashing!

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