Shuttle Music Player is now Open Source

Shuttle Music Player is now Open Source

Music is a major part of everyone’s life, and our smartphones allow us to truly enjoy our music anywhere. Over the years, Android has received a fair share of  excellent music player apps, and Shuttle Music Player has managed to stand out.

Shuttle is a music player following Google’s Material Design guidelines, and its listing is nearing 4 Million downloads. Currently, the app offers two versions: free and paid. The paid version is priced at $0.99 and has received over 50 thousand downloads on the Play Store already.

Recently, the lead developer of Shuttle Music Player made a post at r/Android stating that the music player has now been open-sourced. The lead developer is looking for contributors and the project is set to experience an active development.


In the same post at r/Android, the developer of Shuttle also states that Shuttle Music Player was his first ever project. What started out as a bunch of emails to Andrew Neal (lead developer of Apollo Music Player) made him an approximated amount of $AU150k. Moreover, the lead developer is now a full time app developer for Android and iOS.

This clearly shows that anyone with the spirit and attitude to learn can make it big in Android. Keeping this in mind, we’re launching a series called “Anyone Can GitHub” very soon. Stay tuned!

Shuttle Music Player on GitHub
Grab Shuttle Music Player right here!

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