Simple Guide to Get Swype Working on Your EVO

Simple Guide to Get Swype Working on Your EVO

Many of you might know about an application called ‘Swype’. It’s a software keyboard replacement for various devices. Because many people are struggling to get it to work on the HTC EVO 4G, XDA member TheBiles decided to make an ‘idiot-proof’ guide. The tutorial is extremely well-illustrated and shows step-to-step instructions with screenshots on how to install Swype on the EVO.

XDA member ajftl posted the Incredible version of Swype which works great on the EVO. Some feedback from other users:

Originally posted by ajftl

…OK I just installed it.. seems good.. I haven’t test it a whole day but works good so far.

Originally posted by blakestimac

…just downloaded the Incredible version, and it works fine for me!

Originally posted by kenley_ser

I have tried this one and it works great!!!! On sprint 4g evo ;]

Swype is a really good alternative for the standard HTC keyboard, so it’s definitely worth trying out. The guide should also work fine with the HTC Incredible and the Google Nexus One.
Please visit the original thread for the guide, download, and more information!

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