Simplify Information Sharing on Non-NFC Phones with QrPort

Simplify Information Sharing on Non-NFC Phones with QrPort

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Sharing quick notes with friends can often become more of a chore than it’s worth. Sure you can send an email, but often this feels like taking a sledge hammer to a problem best served with a chisel.

For those with NFC-enabled devices, small tidbits of data and contact information can be transferred readily and easily with nothing more than a tap. However, not everyone has NFC on their devices.

Thankfully for those without NFC-equipped devices, XDA Forum Member QrPort has created a self-titled app that functions similarly, minus the futuristic tap-to-transfer functionality. To use the app, the sender only has to input or paste in the text he wishes to send into the app to generate a QR Code. Then, the recipient scans the QR Code, and the information is deciphered.

While not quite the same as versatile or powerful as Android Beam, this has the potential to help those who want to casually send information to their peers, but lack NFC hardware. Those looking to get started need only head to the application thread.