Simplify SQLite Usage on Android with DBXDroid

Simplify SQLite Usage on Android with DBXDroid

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SQLite is a relational database management system contained in a C programming library. Its initial release was way back in 2000, and since then the project has been actively developed. You can find SQLite included in many operating systems like Windows Phone, NetBSD, and of course our favorite Android. SQLite instances are also available on all major desktop Web browsers.

Writing large SQLite databases on Android is tedious work. XDA Senior Member aditya.kamble wrote a simple object-relational mapping library to ease the creation process through the use of straight forward functions. The DBXDroid is an open-source project that can be implemented into other Android projects. Key features of the library are:

  • Create Android SQLite Database
  • Add Tables to database
  • Insert new entry to tables
  • Fetch entries from tables
  • Ability to interact with database directly using getDatabase() function.

Adding the library into your project is quite simple. The developer was kind enough to provide instructions how to implement it into your project and use the variables correctly. If you’ll follow those instructions, you should be able to use this library without any trouble.

More information regarding the project, code examples and the library source can be found in the DBXDroid – Simple ORM Library for Android SQLite Database forum thread. Head over there to get started.