Simulate Coin Flips and Pick Random Numbers and Letters and with Ultimate Randomizer

Simulate Coin Flips and Pick Random Numbers and Letters and with Ultimate Randomizer

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For whatever reason, we all use random numbers from time to time. And no, I’m not just talking about the field of cryptography. Rather, we often need help deciding between things to eat, items to buy, and so on. And because of this, there are countless utilities available to help us generate random numbers—or at least as close as you’ll come with an entirely computer-based solution that doesn’t involve external unpredictable data like atmospheric noise.

But what if instead of picking a number between one and ten, we need a coin flip or a dice roll? What if we need a random letter, color, image, or even some help coming up with a somewhat random password? Well, thanks to an app by XDA Forum Member ekimual, you can satisfy your taste for pseudo-random numbers, letters, and so on.

Ultimate Randomizer is exactly that. It is essentially the ultimate random generator, allowing you to generate various different types of data in various different types of formats. For example, you can generate random numbers with predefined ranges. You can also generate random letters with predetermined restrictions on vowels or consonants, if you so desire. You can also generate random colors with corresponding hex codes, and even simulate a coin flip.

Please keep in mind that since this is a computer-derived random sequence, it’s inherently not truly random. But given the most common use cases, that likely won’t be an issue. Head over to the application thread to give Ultimate Randomizer a shot.