Skagen’s new hybrid smartwatch has an always-on e-ink display

Skagen’s new hybrid smartwatch has an always-on e-ink display

And Michael Kors has new Gen 5E smartwatches, too!

Skagen’s Falster 3 smartwatch from last year is easily among the best WearOS-powered smartwatches that you can buy today. However, priced at around $300, the smartwatch isn’t the best option for the budget-conscious. This is why Skagen has now unveiled a new hybrid smartwatch, called the Jorn Hybrid HR, which offers most of the crucial fitness tracking features found on the Falster 3 at a more affordable price.

The new Skagen Jorn Hybrid HR is a great combination of classic design and smart technology, thanks to its 1.09-inch always-on e-ink display that lets you view all your fitness tracking information at a glance. Speaking of fitness tracking, the Jorn Hybrid HR offers pretty much all the basic features that you’d look for in a smartwatch, including continuous heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, step tracking, workout detection, and more.


The watch comes in two case sizes — 38mm and 42mm — both of which offer up to 2 weeks of battery life on a single charge. Despite the e-ink display, the watch offers several custom watch faces that you can use to customize the watch to your liking. And it comes with a bunch of additional features like GPS, music control, notification alerts, alarm, timer, stopwatch, etc. The watch is also water-resistant up to 3ATM, and it uses a standard 22mm strap.

The Skagen Jorn Hybrid HR is priced starting at $195, and it will go on sale in the US from January 26th. In India, the watch will be available for a starting price of ₹14,495, and it will go on sale much later in April this year.

Along with the Skagen Jorn Hybrid HR, Michael Kors has also released two new Access Gen 5E smartwatches — the Access Gen 5E Darci and the Access Gen 5E MKGO. The new Michael Kors watches are based on the Fossil Gen 5E smartwatches that were released last year, and they feature a slightly updated design with several embellishments to justify the premium price.

Unlike the Skagen Jorn Hybrid HR, both the new Michael Kors smartwatches run Wear OS, and they’re based on the Snapdragon Wear 3100 platform. The watches offer the same feature set as the Fossil Gen 5E, including a 1.19-inch OLED display, activity tracking, sleep monitoring, and continuous heart rate monitoring. The watches will also let you make or receive phone calls, talk to the Google Assistant, and they even come with NFC support for quick payments via Google Pay.

The Michael Kors Access Gen 5E Darci and Access Gen 5E MKGO pack 1GB of RAM, 4GB of onboard storage, a 300mAh battery, and they’re water-resistant at 5ATM. As you’d expect, the Michael Kors watches are priced at a significant premium over the regular Fossil Gen 5E smartwatches because of their premium design. The Access Gen 5E Darci is priced starting at $350, while the Access Gen 5E MKGO starts at $250. Both watches will go on sale in the US this spring. The watches will also be making their way to the Indian market in March, and the Access Gen 5E Darci will retail for ₹25,995. As of now, Michael Kors hasn’t shared pricing information for the Access Gen 5E MKGO for India.

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