Skin your Own HTC_IME with a Custom Skin Generator

Skin your Own HTC_IME with a Custom Skin Generator

It is always interesting to see different skins on our devices and to each and every part of the software in them. And the fact that only a handful of people can actually make skins thanks to their natural ability to manipulate graphics and software somewhat hinders the creative ability of those who lack such skills. In order to gap the bridge here, XDA member gIMpSTa has taken a very interesting step in skinning development for Android devices. His online skin generator works by simply uploading your images and generates a skin for the HTC_IME keyboard present in Android devices. Possibilities are endless and already a bunch of members have already played with this tool and created skinned keyboards like the one on the thumbnail in this article.

This is a work in progress, but everything that is available is completely functional. Be sure to share your skins with the rest of the world.

The reason I’ve been slower at posting requests lately is about to come clear!

I have created an “online kitchen” of sorts for creating custom skinned, signed, HTC_IME high and low res apk files. This means you guys can very easily create your own skins and customize the ones I’ve created!

What is this?

A website you can visit on your computer or directly from your phone that will let you a> create a custom skinned keyboard based off of any of the images currently in the library (various colored keys, backgrounds, etc) with whatever text color you want and b> customize existing “skins” (will be known as “presets”) however your heats desire.

Currently, it should be considered very beta. All the features that are here should be working 100%.

Why beta, that sounds scary?

It’s beta for a couple of reasons, 1 because it’s currently UGLY as sin (concentrated on features and back end first) and 2 because I’m actively working on it which means it could break at any time.

You can find more information in the application thread.

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