SkyDragon ROM: First Sense 7 ROM for the HTC One M8

SkyDragon ROM: First Sense 7 ROM for the HTC One M8

The HTC One M8 is frequently lauded as a standout among last year’s smartphone offerings, boasting a sleek metal design, and a gorgeous software experience. But with the updated UI of this year’s lookalike M9 set to hit store shelves later this month, industrious XDA Forums members have been hard at work bringing the latest software advances to the phones we already own. Nowhere is this push for Lollipop and Sense 7 felt stronger than with the previously featured team behind the SkyDragon ROM for the HTC One M8.

Earlier today, Recognized XDA Forums Contributor Dragonesdenano uploaded version 27 of the SkyDragon M8 ROM, this time with Android 5.0.x Lollipop, Sense 7, and all of the M9 perks we have drooled over since its announcement. These include custom themes and icon packs, a new camera UI, a fourth menu system menu button, and smart widgets for home, work, and away (among many other thoughtful additions: see below).


The SkyDragon team was caught off guard when a leaked version of the ROM surfaced during final testing, so what we see today is a build pushed for necessity a few weeks ahead of its intended launch. That said, the ROM is marked as “stable,” and early indications from the forum thread appear positive.

What To Expect

SkyDragon M8 v 1.0 WWE Sense 7, Dev Edition

GSM-models for T Mobile US, India, Asia WWE, Hong Kong, 3G UK, Rogers WWE And Bell


  • Customization (themes, icon packs, wallpapers etc)
  • Smart widget(out, home, work)
  • All new camera UI
  • All new picture editor fx
  • 4th button option
  • Dolby Audio surround
  • TouchPal keyboard (to match HTC’s recent keyboard announcement)
  • Peel Smart Remote – new TV app
  • Restoran suggestion in BlinkFeed
  • Peel Smart Remote – Control All
  • Built-in BusyBox, AppOps, and Titanium Backup
  • Modified Aroma to account for new Sense 7 features



The new build also boasts better battery life (without a performance hit), and a few other gems you can read all about in the official thread.


Note from the developers:

To XDA members: please take the time to read this OP in it’s entirety including FAQs and any other notices. If you are on the latest Sense GSM Lollipop firmware you won’t need to flash anything other than the Rom. If you have any issues, please download the Rom’s corresponding firmware listed below. Thank you all in advance, and enjoy SkyDragon Sense 7!


Head on over to the forums to try this ROM update for yourself and bring the sweet new look of the HTC One M9 to the phone you already own.

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