Skype for Android Updated and Still No 3G

Skype for Android Updated and Still No 3G

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Skype is by far one of the most popular VoIP services in the world. Its call quality and ability to use features like video chat and more is bar none, among the best there is. It looks like the recent addition of Android to their line up is getting an update, which was pointed out by XDA member irisiris. There is a problem though, the app works on 3G but only outside of the US. The previous version was patched and it works rather well on US 3G carriers. But current Skype users will have to wait for someone to crack it if they want to upgrade.

It is too bad that US carriers can carry such a heavy weight on a software manufacturer and as such, companies like Skype are forced to block things out. Hopefully, the app will be patched soon, so that people can enjoy it using their data plans. Comments and suggestions about the whole thing are always welcomed.

For those who cannot find SKYPE in market as usual.

Here is 14th December SKYPE release
version :1.0.2

You can find more information in the application thread.

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