Slack app on iPad receives desktop-style two-column layout, updated sidebar and more

Slack app on iPad receives desktop-style two-column layout, updated sidebar and more

Slack has just released a new update to its iPad app, which brings several new features, including a desktop-style layout, updated sidebar, and accessibility improvements.

The biggest and most notable change is the new two-column layout, which brings the Slack iPad app closer to its desktop counterpart. When you click on a Slack channel or a direct message from the sidebar, it will open in a separate right-hand pane, just like how the Mac app behaves.

“The iPad is a unique device that demands the power of a desktop experience with the simplicity of a mobile app. Our updated iPad app bridges this gap and allows users to stay productive, organized, and connected to their digital HQ in a work-from-anywhere world,” said Slack Group Product Manager Akshay Bakshi.


In addition, the left sidebar has also received some enhancements. You can now collapse sections to hide groups and channels and sort channel activity by recency so you can new messages and updates quickly. In addition, you can also long-press on a channel to bring up a context menu to mute the channel, copy a link to it, or mark it as read.

  • Sections are now collapsible, so you can hide groups of channels and focus on just the most relevant conversations
  • Section preferences will now be synced with the desktop version, keeping your sidebar consistent when you switch between devices
  • Usernames in direct messages now feature avatars, making them easier to scan
  • Channel activity can now be sorted by recency, so you can more quickly review the latest updates from your team
  • With just a long press on a channel name, you can now access a context menu from which you can easily mute or leave the channel, copy a link to it or mark it as read

Finally, the new update also brings a number of accessibility improvements. For example, the app now offers improved labels for Apple VoiceOver screen-reading feature. Meanwhile, Recent Activity sorting will make it easier to find new conversations faster.

Source: Slack blog

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