It’s not just you: Slack is down for many users across the globe

It’s not just you: Slack is down for many users across the globe

The popular workplace communication tool — Slack — is currently down for many users across the globe. This outage first started affecting its Threads feature, blocking users from accessing replies to conversations they’ve participated in. Now the server issues have seemingly expanded to affect the whole platform, forcing employees to depend on other collaboration and chatting platforms. It’s unclear when this outage — which is also affecting other services, such as GitHub and AWS — will be resolved.

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To keep an eye on the live statuses of the respective services, head over to DownDetector — where the latest updates are shared in real time.


It’s not uncommon for popular services to face outages from time to time. For example, Signal and Facebook Messenger were down a few months ago. It can take server issues from minutes to hours to be resolved — so it’s still unclear when we will get access to Slack, GitHub, and AWS again. However, it’s safe to assume that the companies are now internally aware of the issues and should be working on restoring their services. Considering millions of users around the globe actively depend on them, bringing these platforms back online is likely the utmost priority for these providers.

Slack has already acknowledged these issues and is currently investigating and working on resorting its service. Its timeline states:

We’re still working towards a full resolution. We’ll be back with another update soon. Thank you for your patience.

Feb 22, 5:44 PM GMT+3

We’re investigating the issue where Slack is not loading for some users. We’re looking into the cause and will provide more information as soon as it’s available.

Feb 22, 5:25 PM GMT+3

On the contrary, GitHub and AWS still haven’t mentioned anything regarding the matter at the time of writing. While their server status webpages claim that everything is working normally, users have reported otherwise on DownDetector.

Which of the services you depend on is this outage affecting? Let us know in the comments section below.

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