Slide2Send 0.8 beta Available

Slide2Send 0.8 beta Available

Slide2Send has been in development for some time now, and in this recently updated version some new features are added. The newest version was released on the 4th of March, it includes some bugfixes and conversation view was added. That’s not all, there are more things that were added to the new update and you can see them all below.

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The latest version is 0.8 beta

This version has the following:

  • conversation mode, this currently works as follows, sms messages are grouped by contact/number and send/recieved time, the last send or recieved message is displayed first. if you select a message it is either opened and the details are displayed or a new list is displayed that shows the conversation history. you can then again select a message and the details will be displayed. a red arrow indicates a send message to a contact and a green arrow indicates a recieved message from a contact. Conversation mode can currently only be turned off by setting the <ConversationView> item to 0 in the settings.xml
  • program icon
  • some small UI changes
  • some bugfixes
  • refresh option in the inbox menu, just in case it is needed

This version is still slow if many messages are in the inbox, I’m working on a possible solution.

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