SlimKat Updated to 3.0, Lots of New Features and Helpful Tools

SlimKat Updated to 3.0, Lots of New Features and Helpful Tools

There’s good news for all of you SlimROM lovers! The developer team behind the famous SlimBean and SlimKat ROMs is pleased to announce that SlimKat has now been updated to version 3.0. The ROM, which is officially available for almost 50 devices and has over 100,000 downloads every week, recently celebrated having acquired over 1 million installs last year—quite an impressive number, indeed.

So, what changes are available in in version 3.0? The developers focused mainly on device frameworks, which have been refined to fit user needs. The full list includes the following:

  • Frameworks: EdgeGestureService give abbility to reduce the left and right trigger site on IME keyboard
  • Frameworks: SlimPie give user ability to reduce trigger heights if IME is active
  • Frameworks: TRDS fix possible UI freeze on auto mode change
  • Frameworks: Respect and handle shorcut custom icon resources
  • Frameworks: Add support for QC’s time_daemon
  • Frameworks: fix sdk build
  • Frameworks: Keyguard: Ensure that a widget and page is attached before attaching the ChallengeLayout.OnBouncerStateChangedListener
  • Frameworks: Revert “Make sure to turn off led after pulse()”
  • Bootable recovery: Load RTC offset on Qualcomm Krait chips, fixes the broken time & date
  • Dialer: Add WhitePages Canada reverse lookup provider
  • WhitePages API: Only reload page if the first load has the UUID for the cookie
  • Telephony: fix reverese lookup gms logic detection

And more which are available in the detailed changelog that can be found on the Slim site.

XDA Recognized Themer kufikugel and his crew are also baking something in the Slim oven to help other developers in making applications compatible with The Real Dark Slim. The SDK isn’t everything though, as the Slim team also published their own APK Tools to help themers to make user interface modifications.

You can find SlimKat by visiting threads for Nexus 4, Nexus 5, HTC One and many more, which are available in your home device’s Android development forum. The full list of devices and downloads can be found on the SlimKat homepage.

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