SlimRoms: Updates on the Horizon

SlimRoms: Updates on the Horizon

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SlimRoms’ website has been experiencing technical difficulties for the last month or so, but it’s good to know the team is working hard and is still on top of things.

The SlimRoms GitHub repos are getting updated with some major changes showing up. Most notably, some projects are getting a new 5.1 branch: lp5.1! A new, revamped and open source website is also in the works, with a look inspired by material design.

SlimRoms New Website

We also got a tip about an updated gerrit (v2.10.1, from v2.7) that also boasts a blue theme to go with the SlimRoms branding. You can check it out over at for a sneak peek at the latest lp5.1 branch changes. Stay tuned for more updates!