Easily apply Smali patches to Android Framework without a PC using this script

Easily apply Smali patches to Android Framework without a PC using this script

Customization is a big deal in the Android world. You’ve probably seen or sideloaded modded applications, e.g. a patched dialer with custom resolution support. However, making changes to your Android device’s framework values without having to use Apktool to decompile and recompile framework-res.apk is another thing. A new script named SmaliPatcher for Android from XDA Junior Member CreepycCrafter24 lets you do just that and more. It allows you to apply ready-made patches to the system framework directly from your Android phone. The script is also capable of generating a Magisk Module, so that you can system-lessly install the modded framework package.


As the name suggests, the tool is mostly based on the Smali Patcher project created by XDA Recognized Developer fOmey. CreepycCrafter24 decided to reverse-engineer the codebase in order to remove the dependency on Microsoft Windows. The resultant fork is fully compatible with Linux, which means you can also execute it on Android with some adjustments. The Android variant is hosted on the same GitLab repo and you should be able to run it under any standard terminal emulator app such as Termux. The script provides a Linux environment that runs within the confines of the Android application sandbox. It accomplishes this by leveraging a piece of software called PRoot, a userspace re-implementation of Linux’s chroot functionality.

Here are all the of built-in patch routines offered by Smali Patcher:

  • Mock locations – Hide mock locations status, allowing apps like Pokémon GO to treat them as genuine location updates.
  • Secure flag – Allow screenshots/screensharing in secure apps.
  • Signature verification – Disable signature verification allowing modification/execution of signed system apps.
  • Signature spoofing – Enable signature spoofing app permission.
  • Recovery reboot – Reboot directly back into recovery from powermenu.
  • Samsung Knox – Bypass Samsung Knox trip protection, only confirmed working for secure folder.
  • High volume warning – Disable high volume popup dialog.

Check out the forum post below for more information and head over to the GitLab repo to get started straight away!

SmaliPatcher for Android: Download || XDA Thread

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