But First, Let Me Take a #Selfie

But First, Let Me Take a #Selfie

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“Today while browsing XDA, I’m going to check to see if my favorite ROM has been updated–but first, let me take a #selfie.” Photos of your own face taken from arms length, selfie snapshots, are the sign of the era of smartphones. It is after all not too surprising to see now that we have easily accessible cameras and Internet connections. Selfies even made their way to this year’s Oscar ceremony, so this phenomenon is certainly not a trend that will be easily broken.

Taking a good photo of yourself might be considered trivial, but it is in fact is somewhat problematic. On most phones, the front facing camera is of significantly lower quality than the rear camera. And if you try to use the rear camera for your selfie, you’ll likely end up with half of your face excluded from the picture. There are some tools though that can help you out when snapping your photo. One of them was made by XDA Forum Member hotspot_volcano.

Cleverly entitled Smart Selfie, this app presents a rather innovative idea. The app recognizes faces and guide you using voice commands to take a perfect selfie photo with your rear-facing camera. After launching, the application asks you about how many people will be included in your photo and the shot’s orientation. The app then guides you and suggests how to move the camera in order to take the shot. When all the requirements are met, application automatically pulls the trigger and your shot is taken.

Currently, the application limits the rear camera to 5 MP, and it detects up to 4 people. However, this is still far better than most standard front cameras–barring the Oppo N1, of course. Smart Selfie should work on almost every device running Froyo or later and with CPU faster than 800 MHz.

Are you a selfie enthusiast? If yes, don’t hesitate to visit the Smart Selfie application thread and let the app take your best photo ever.