Smartisan’s gestures make you physically move the phone to navigate the UI

Smartisan’s gestures make you physically move the phone to navigate the UI

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Gestures are one of the trendiest features in smartphones today. As bezels get smaller, phone makers are trying to figure out ways to maximize screen space. Touch gestures are a way to do this, though everyone seems to have a different approach. Our own Navigation Gestures app can completely remove the nav bar. Google, on the other hand, has a hybrid solution. But what if touch was eliminated altogether? That’s what Smartisan is trying to do.

Smartisan recently launched the Nut Pro 2S. If that name sounds familiar, we covered the Nut R1 back in May. The phone launches with an updated version of Smartisan’s OS, which includes a new gesture-based navigation system called Infinite Screen. The interesting thing about this system is it doesn’t require touch. You actually move the phone to use gestures. Sound crazy? It kinda is.

It’s like everything on the phone is laid out in a giant grid. You move the phone in 3D space to access apps. You can see the woman in the video lift the phone up to launch the camera and take a selfie, then moving to the right to open the messaging app. All without touching the display.

Smartisan wants to minimize movement with fingers, but isn’t it much more difficult to move the entire phone? I don’t want to twist my whole body to the right every time I need to send a message. Or lift the phone above my head to take a quick photo. The idea here is interesting, but I think most people will agree that touch gestures are the way to go.

Source: Weibo Via: Gizmo China