Samsung SmartThings app leaks 2 new AKG headphones and new wireless earbuds

Samsung SmartThings app leaks 2 new AKG headphones and new wireless earbuds

Samsung has a habit of adding assets of unreleased products or features to their apps really early. Last year, we discovered the wireless S-Pen features early and before the launch of the Galaxy S9 we found out about Intelligent Scan. This time, we have found two unreleased pairs of AKG headphones and one pair of fully wireless earbuds in the latest SmartThings update.

The first image we found is for the AKG N400. From the image below, we can see they are fully wireless earbuds (no connecting neckband). AKG is an audio studio that Samsung partners with for tuning of audio devices. The Galaxy Buds, for example, are made by Samsung and marketed with “Sound by AKG.”  These would be fully made and tuned by AKG, similar to the AKG N200. Without knowing the specs and features of the AKG N400, we don’t know much. Just based on the glyph and current device market, these are very likely a competitor to the new Apple Powerbeats Pro.

AKG earbuds smartthings

AKG N400

Next up is the AKG Y400 and AKG Y600. The AKG Y400 look very similar to the current AKG Y500 headphones, which are on-ear headphones. The AKG Y600 looks to be over-ear headphones and the larger of the two headphones. All we were able to find is the glyphs themselves. There is no mention of price, specs, or features.

All three of these devices were in the latest SmartThings mobile app update. These have actually been in the SmartThings app files since the early June 1.7.33 update. Even though these devices are not released yet, Samsung already has support for them in SmartThings. This support isn’t a big deal though, all this does is show the glyph above and a pop-up asking to connect your phone as soon as they are turned on.

It is not uncommon for developers to add support for devices early, but it is interesting to see Samsung adding them so early. These headphones seem very interesting and we are excited to learn more about them. Hopefully, they are announced soon, but we could expect them to launch around Samsung Unpacked as that would make sense for a big product launch.

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