SmartThings Edge gives developers local control over their devices

SmartThings Edge gives developers local control over their devices

SmartThings is one of the top IoT platforms on the market. It offers a nice balance between ease-of-use and extensibility, but many enthusiasts prefer more open platforms like Homebridge or HomeAssistant. Today, Samsung is announcing a new feature called SmartThings Edge that should entice those developers looking for more local control over their devices.

As explained by a SmartThings engineer and the blog Stacey on IoT, SmartThings Edge will let developers build their own custom Edge drivers in Lua, thus allowing for more automations to execute locally. Samsung will be providing new APIs for richer LAN device integrations and will also provide beta support to drivers they developed that were previously executed in the cloud.


Samantha Osborne, Vice President of Marketing and Business Operations at SmartThings, said, “SmartThings Edge is the most advanced platform in the IoT space. We engineered Edge to be forward thinking and prepare for the ever evolving industry. We’ve continued to enhance and evolve our technology with our partners, developers, and customers in mind to make the end-to-end experience more robust than ever before.”

Notably, nothing is changing for users in terms of Automations today. With a few exceptions, Automations between devices that run locally will still run locally. However, now that developers can write and share their own custom device handlers, SmartThings will be able to support more devices quickly. Smart home owners who care about low latency and better privacy will appreciate the added local control over their devices.

SmartThings Edge will run on version 2 and 3 hubs and on newer hubs sold by Aotec. For more information about SmartThings Edge, click on this link.

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