sMouse lets you use the Galaxy Note 10’s S Pen as an actual mouse

sMouse lets you use the Galaxy Note 10’s S Pen as an actual mouse

The S Pen has been a staple feature in Samsung’s Galaxy Note series for a couple of years now. It’s the perfect tool for power users to make the most out of the big screen on the device and with the Galaxy Note 10, Samsung took things up a notch. The new S Pen features a new 6-axis gyroscope and accelerometer, both of which are used for enabling Air Gestures. While Samsung’s implementation might be a bit gimmicky, the company has floated an SDK to help developers come up with something more useful. sMouse is one such third-party app that makes use of the S Pen’s gyroscope to help you use it as an air mouse.


sMouse gives you access to a virtual cursor for your Note 10 that you can control by moving the S Pen. It makes use of the gyroscope to detect movement and moves the cursor accordingly. There are two simple ways in which you can use the app. You can either hold down the button on the S Pen while keeping it still to enter ‘Warp mode’. In this mode, you can use the app to reposition the cursor, go back or go straight to your home screen. You can also use the app to scroll through webpages. For that, you’ll need to hold down the button and quickly flick the S Pen up or down.

However, there are some limitations to the way sMouse works. You see, the gyroscope on the S Pen only works when you’re holding the pen horizontally. If you point the pen down vertically, the gyroscope won’t be able to detect movement and the cursor won’t move at all. Additionally, the virtual cursor can’t move or draw in the status bar at the top of the device. This is due to a security limitation in Android that doesn’t let third-party apps draw over this space. Other than that, the app works pretty well and you should go ahead and try it on your Note 10 right away.

It’s worth noting that for sMouse to work properly, it requires two permissions. There’s the Overlay permission which allows the app to draw a virtual cursor on the screen and there’s the Accessibility Service permission which allows it to perform clicks and navigate through your device.

Visit the sMouse XDA Forum Thread

Developer: Kinesthetic
Price: Free

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