SMS2PC Brings the Pinnacle of SMS and PC Integration

SMS2PC Brings the Pinnacle of SMS and PC Integration

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The world of Android has grown by leaps and bounds, both in terms of functionality and reach due to a rather astonishing number of new apps that surface every day. This is not exactly a new app, but certainly one that manages to ensure that the forever burning flame between the PC and mobile doesn’t fade away. SMS2PC by XDA Forum Member GeekyScott is such an app. According to the dev, this was one of the first published apps of its kind for Android devices, which is quite an impressive feat given the vast number of apps available for the platform.

The basic premise of the app is that it acts as the interface between phone and desktop via a desktop client and a mobile app. The PC side runs silently in the background and alerts you, in real time, of all incoming SMS that you may be receiving on your Android device. The beauty of this is that it also allow you to send texts from the PC as well, which should in theory rid our society of txtspk once and for all. All in all, you can give Swype and your thumbs a break, as you will have the comfort of a full sized qwerty keyboard to reply to your friends. As an added bonus, you can sync your SMS with the PC, which is a great feature, particularly for those of us who suffer from ORD and continuously forget to back our SMSes.

But wait, this is a paid app in the Play Store. Why are we talking about this in the Portal? The dev has decided to give back  to the community by sharing his app with XDA members for free. So, if you were looking for a good SMS app to sync with your PC, this is your chance to get a top notch piece of software. Last but not least, he will make the source code available soon, so that others can make it better and help it live on. Make sure that you thank the dev for his selfless contribution to our site, and please report any and all feedback to him on the thread.

 SMS2PC is a small app that runs in the background on Windows, Mac and Linux and allows you to send/receive messages via your Android phone. This, at the time of release, was the first SMS sending app for Android. 

You can find more information in the original thread.

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