Snap Kit SDK Lets Developers Integrate Snapchat’s Features onto Their Platform

Snap Kit SDK Lets Developers Integrate Snapchat’s Features onto Their Platform

Snap Inc., the company behind Snapchat, has introduced Snap Kit: a set of developer tools that allows developers to integrate some of Snapchat’s best features across the developer’s app, and also makes it easy for users to share moments from these apps with the Snapchat community.

Snap Kit also keeps users privacy and security in mind, with a few basic limitations in place intending to protect the user’s privacy (though how much a user shares with Snapchat might just make the privacy conscious shy away completely from the platform). Snap Kit only shares a users Display Name and Bitmoji when logging in, and the user’s friends data is not shared when one logs in with Snap Kit. External apps using the Snap Kit SDK does not get access to the user’s phone number, email, location tracking, friend graph, and demographic data. Apps that are unused for 90 days are also automatically disconnected from the user’s account. Returning users will need to reauthenticate.


Snap Kit SDK

The Snap Kit SDK is divided into four parts, giving developers the freedom to integrate the functionalities that they are most interested in. The different kits are as below:

  • Creative Kit: Allows developers to integrate their own stickers, Filters, links, and more right into Snapchat’s camera. This will let Snapchatters brings highlights from the external app — like high scores, workout stats or new playlists — right into the Preview screen, so they can add their own touch and then share it along their Snapchat family.
  • Login Kit: Allows developers to provide an alternate and quick way to log into their app using Snapchat’s account credentials. This will also let Snapchatters bring their Bitmoji avatar with them into the external app.
  • Bitmoji Kit: Lets Snapchatters use Bitmoji in the developer’s app, giving emoticons a sense of their own personality.
  • Story Kit: Allows developers to embed Snapchat Stories into their external platform (app or website) to showcase their community. Developers can also search public stories based on location, time, captions and more, so the developer can see what the fanbase is up to.

Do note that apps that integrate with Snap Kit must be submitted to Snap Inc. for review before the app becomes enabled for public use. All apps will be reviewed by Snap Inc. to ensure that the integration and the app is a good fit for the Snap community. Unfortunately, our initial rummaging of the documentation did not reveal any review guidelines, so we fear that this process may be entirely opaque and up to Snap Inc.’s discretion.

Launch Partners

Postmates Food Delivery: Order Eats & Alcohol

Postmates utilizes the Creative Kit and the Login Kit to allow its users to send snaps with a Postmates ETA sticker. Users can also Snap the top options nearby. This integration is live, so you can install the app to check it out.

Pandora Music

Pandora utilizes the Creative Kit to allow users to send snaps with the song they are currently listening to. Friends who open up the snap can then swipe up to listen to the song for free on Pandora. Users don’t have to connect their Snapchat and Pandora apps to utilize this feature. ETA for the integration is for later this month.


Tinder utilizes the Bitmoji Kit to allow Snapchatters to send Bitmoji directly in Tinder chat. ETA for this integration is early July.

ScoreStream High School Sports

ScoreStream utilizes the Creative Kit and the Story Kit to allow Snapchatters to share real-time local sports scores and cheer for their favorite team and players. ETA for this integration is July.

SoundHound – Music Discovery & Hands-Free Player

SoundHound utilizes the Creative Kit to allow users to share discoveries directly to Snapchat, complete with music details on an animated Snap. This integration is currently live.

These are a few of the current integrations available using the Snap Kit SDK for iOS and Android. We can expect more apps to feature similar integrations to increase their user base.

To try out the Snap Kit SDK, head on over to the Snap Kit Portal.

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