Snap Your Selfies with Nothing More than a Whistle

Snap Your Selfies with Nothing More than a Whistle

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Back in January, we took a quick look at Auto Answer by XDA Senior Member itayg. Intended to make answering the phone while driving a bit safer, this innovative app allows users to easily answer incoming calls with nothing more than a whistle. Naturally, this lead many to wonder what other common tasks can be more easily handled with a whistle. Now, itayg has released another whistling app: Whistle Camera.

Whistle Camera works in much the same way as Auto Answer—except now, whistling takes a picture. So why would this be of any use? Well, just think of how many times you’ve tried to take a group photo and had to deal with cumbersome timers or how many times you’ve had to perform yoga poses with your fingers in order to hold the phone right and then press the shutter button when taking selfies of you and your friends. Well, with Whistle Camera, you just have to concentrate on aiming your device, as a simple whistle will actuate the shutter.

The Whistle Camera app is complete replacement camera app, complete with autofocus, basic editing, a gallery, and more.  It also works with both the front and rear cameras on your phone, so you can use it for selfies or dash-mounted shots when you’re in the car and spot a nice looking landscape or sunset. Finally, the app allows you to customize where the images are stored, as well as the sensitivity of the whistle detector.

If you want an alternate way of taking pictures, head over to the application thread and give Whistle Camera a shot.