Snapchat will finally allow you to change your embarrassing username from years ago

Snapchat will finally allow you to change your embarrassing username from years ago

Snapchat — the platform loved by teenagers and young adults alike — has existed for years. It’s an ideal way to share expiring moments with those you care about. To keep you active and encourage you to use the service more, Snapchat even offers Streaks as a motivator to communicate with your contacts every day. Hiked to some breathtaking mountaintop? Snap. First snowfall of the year? Snap. About to shamelessly devour this mouthwatering cinnamon roll? Snap. Speaking of shame, though, plenty of users create their accounts when they’re still somewhat young. And that’s often accompanied by relatively bad decisions — such as the username they choose. Few years later, they sometimes find themselves stuck with their @TaylorsHubby46290 username that may no longer represent their views or mental age. The good news is that this will soon no longer be the case. Snapchat will finally allow you to change your username starting February 23.


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For the longest time, users had to continue using the usernames they initially went for when they first created their accounts. This would frustrate people — as the only way to get rid of an outdated or embarrassing username was through deleting the account and starting over from scratch. However, that meant losing your contacts, Streaks, Memories, Trophies, and the rest of your data as well.

The Verge has reported that Snapchat will finally allow iOS and Android users to change their usernames starting next week. It’s worth noting, though, that you will be able to change it only once per year. Additionally, you can’t set it to a username that has been used before. So once you change it, you will lose the previously used one for good.

This feature has been available for Australian users for quite some time. Thankfully, the rest of the world will be able to take advantage of it starting February 23. To do so, go to Settings > Username > Change Username in Snapchat — after updating it next week. There you will be able to set a new one and permanently bury the old username where it belongs — in the digital void.

Will you be changing your Snapchat username? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments section below.

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