Snapchat’s latest update adds SnapMap in the hidden Alpha redesign

Snapchat’s latest update adds SnapMap in the hidden Alpha redesign

A couple weeks ago we found out how to enable the new Snapchat Alpha redesign within the beta APK. This redesign is part of the new Snapchat update that Snap has been working on to make the app faster on Android. The update was still missing a few features like SnapMap and SnapCodes, though the latest update for Snapchat adds back SnapMap in the Alpha redesign.

Yesterday, Snap pushed an update to the public beta on the Google Play Store with version This beta update contained the usual bug fixes and performance updates for the stable version, but it also contained some changes to the ongoing Alpha version. SnapMap on the Alpha version is a lot faster than the SnapMap in the stable app.

Snapchat Alpha

SnapMap on Snapchat Alpha

The alpha redesign has only become more stable with the latest updates. We can hope that Snap makes this new design public soon so regular users can enjoy the superior version of the app. If you have a rooted device and want to use the latest in-development Snapchat features, you can enable Alpha mode for yourself by following our guide.

Snapchat is being used less and less because of Facebook and Instagram adding the same features that Snapchat is known for. With everything Snap is doing to remake their app to be speedier on Android devices, they might gain back some market share lost to Instagram. Although, they have yet to address the complaints about poor photo quality. On most devices, the app still takes a screenshot of the camera viewfinder instead of actually taking a photo. Only on the Google Pixel with the Pixel Visual Core does the app actually take high-quality photos like you would expect.

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