Snapchat’s faster, redesigned Android app is now available

Snapchat’s faster, redesigned Android app is now available

Android users and Snapchat have had a rocky relationship ever since it exploded onto the scene over 5 years ago. The app has always worked better on iOS devices, leaving Android users feeling neglected with a slow, poorly optimized experience. Snap Inc has promised to fix the Android app for years, but we finally saw proof of that last Summer. Now, the improved Android app is finally rolling out.

We first got our hands on “Snapchat Alpha” last August and we even showed you how to install it with root. Snap Inc has been working on this update for quite a while. They even added a secret method to allow people to try it out last Fall. Then, to start the year, Snap Inc’s CEO said the redesign would roll out “by the end of the year.” That gave the company plenty of time to finish it, but they’re already rolling it out now.


Visually, this is the same Snapchat UI you know and love (or hate). The big improvements have been made under the hood. As you can see in the comparison video below, performance has been greatly improved. Snap Inc didn’t share any specific details about the rollout timeline, so be patient if you don’t get the update right away. Do you still use Snapchat? Will this update bring you back?

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