Snapchat Executives Want Their Application to Run Better on Android

Snapchat Executives Want Their Application to Run Better on Android

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The Snapchat mobile application has come a long way since its inception. What was simply known as an ephemeral messaging application in the past has evolved into a fully-featured social network platform as of late. It has kept a lot of its core features that made it popular in the past, and has built a ton of additional features on top of it. From filters to stories and even embracing big brands, Snapchat has really changed over the years.

It’s no secret that Snapchat hasn’t been the best performing social application for Android. Many have complained about battery life issues, slow performance and poor image quality with its Android application — things that iOS users simply do not have to deal with, since it performs much better on iPhones. This is something the developers have been able to ignore for a long time but it’s likely that is no longer possible now that they’ve filed for an IPO.

So recently, the CEO of Snapchat has been found to be talking to many community members on Reddit. Evan Spiegel has received a lot of complaints about how the Android application performs and last fall he gave the community some actual hope. In the IPO filing, they have acknowledged that focusing less on Android has hurt the company’s growth and that they’re working to fix this. Someone “familiar with Snapchat’s struggles” has reportedly said this issue is reflective of their philosophy of only focusing on high-end users.

So when that is your goal, and you’re targeting the United States smartphone market, this means that it’s ideal to focus on iOS rather than Android. Sure, the market is relatively split in the US, but that means there are more high-end users with an iOS device than Android. So now, Snapchat executives are encouraging their team to think more about Android first since that is where they’ll see the most growth from in the future.

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