Solve Today’s Data Problems with this MATLAB and Simulink Training

Solve Today’s Data Problems with this MATLAB and Simulink Training

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When it comes to the sciences and engineering (and practically anything having to do with large-scale data analysis), no single piece of software is as important and ubiquitous as MATLAB, which is used to plot in-depth charts and functions of complex data sets.

If you’re planning on starting or advancing a career in any of these fields, having a working understanding of this powerful program is an absolute must, and the Essential MATLAB & Simulink Bundle will teach you everything you need to know for just $35—over 90% off.

With five courses and over 180 lessons, this bundle walks you through both the fundamentals and more advanced elements of not only MATLAB, but also Simulink—a model-based design program that can be used to build detailed simulations of multi-domain dynamical systems.

You’ll learn how to create algorithms that can solve a wide range of engineering problems and streamline your workflow. You’ll integrate the latest machine learning concepts in order to develop new AI technologies, build a realistic Tesla Model S simulation with its own customizable control system, and much more.

Get the skills you need to be competitive in the fields of data analysis, engineering, and the hard sciences with the Essential MATLAB & Simulink Bundle for over 90% off at $35.