Some Nexus 6Ps are Shutting Down at Early Battery Percentages

Some Nexus 6Ps are Shutting Down at Early Battery Percentages

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The Huawei built Nexus 6P was the final flagship in the Google Nexus program before the Nexus program was unceremoniously killed off in favor of the Google Pixel.

Barely over a year old, the Nexus 6P is still a solid smartphone capable of running on the latest version of Android Nougat that many users will continue to use for months to come. But as time goes on, users may start to notice issues pop up that they never used to face. Of course, not every user will be affected by certain bugs, but sometimes the bug can be quite debilitating to the functionality of an older smartphone.

In this instance, a bug is affecting certain Nexus 6P smartphones causing the phone to shut down at early battery percentages. People are reporting that their smartphones have been rebooting at percentages as low as 15% or as high as 60%. It is obvious why this is problematic – a phone shutting down at seemingly random, potentially inopportune times can put a damper one’s plans for the day. In my own experience, I’ve seen my Nexus 6P randomly reboot at around the 15% mark, but I chalked it up to running a custom kernel with some of my own configurations. But when I compare my experiences to that of what others on forums have been reporting, I believe that this bug may be affecting my own Nexus 6P as well.

Some users on Reddit and our own forums have been reporting this issue for quite some time, and it appears that the issue is more widespread than initially believed. The cause of this bug is unknown at this moment. Some users speculate that the issue is hardware related, while some blame the Android Nougat update for introducing the bug. An open issue was created on the AOSP Issue Tracker last month which has since been starred by over 1200 users and has had dozens of comments corroborating the bug’s existence. All that’s left is to wait and see if Google can determine the cause of the bug, which can seriously hamper the use of one’s Nexus 6P.

Source: /r/Nexus6P on Reddit