Some Shows DVR’d with YouTube TV Disable the Ability to Skip Commercials

Some Shows DVR’d with YouTube TV Disable the Ability to Skip Commercials

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DVR is a very touchy piece of technology for many cable providers and television studios. They want to give the viewer the ability to catch up on shows they may have missed, but they don’t want them to be able to skip over the advertisements they placed between the commercial breaks. This conflict started back in the days of the VCR, has continued through the peak of TiVo, and is still prevalent now that services such as YouTube TV are providing the same service.

Some felt that since the shows would be recorded digitally and stored in the cloud, then they would have complete control over the playback of said show. This just isn’t the case with YouTube TV and that’s because of the deals the television studios laid out from the start. Back when YouTube TV was first reported on, many studios seemed hesitant to join in. So the companies had to come to various terms in order to sign these deals and losing the ability to skip commercials was one of those requirements.

Now, this won’t be the case for all TV shows that you record with YouTube TV’s DVR functionality. It just depends entirely on which shows and which television studios wanted this feature disabled. We see the same thing right now with Comcast’s on-demand feature that they sell to millions of customers. Certain shows will let you skip through commercials any time, others require you to wait X amount of days to do so and then some will never let you skip through commercials.

You are able to skip through commercials when you’re using an in-house DVR solution. This can be with products like TiVo, Plex DVR and some of the many others, but the television studios will fight against this activity through any chance they get.

Source: The Wall Street Journal