Sonos leaks continue with the upcoming Sub Mini pictured for the first time

Sonos leaks continue with the upcoming Sub Mini pictured for the first time

The leaky bucket at Sonos is no closer to being fixed up as The Verge reports on yet another new product on the way. Following the leak and subsequent announcement of the Sonos Ray soundbar, the next on the slate is apparently the Sub Mini. As you might be able to guess, it’s a subwoofer. And a small one at that.

It makes a lot of sense, though. The Sonos Ray is the company’s lowest-priced soundbar yet but to build out a full system with one currently requires the pretty expensive Sonos Sub. The two don’t really feel like a good mix, so a cheaper option would certainly be better and the Sonos Sub Mini might well be filling that gap.

Sonos Sub Mini

Sonos Sub Mini render generated by The Verge

The render above has been put together by the folks at The Verge who have seen images of the real deal and it’s definitely different from the squared Sonos Sub. The Sub Mini first leaked through some carelessly placed information in the Sonos app, but this latest leak tells us a little more. Like that it’ll be a wireless companion for the new Sonos Ray, the Arc, and the Beam. Its internal product name is also reported to be S37, which is next along from S36, a product that eventually launched as the Ray.

No details on price, its actual size, or release timeframe are available yet, just this first look at the actual device and a name. The same report also details Sonos’ internal frustration at the number of leaks in recent times spoiling new product launches. Sonos Voice Control leaked ahead of time as well as the Ray. And when it came to the new colors for the Sonos Roam portable speaker, well, Sonos did a pretty good job of outing that one early without any outside help.

Source: The Verge

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