Sony Extends AOSP Project to the Xperia Z3

Sony Extends AOSP Project to the Xperia Z3

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While most OEMs simply don’t care about the custom ROM community, others are doing an amazing job to build their image among developers and end-users. One such OEM is Sony, which hired XDA Senior Recognized Developers jerpelea to serve as Sony Developer Relations Community Manager.

Not too long ago, Sony released a unified kernel that works on all flagship devices starting on Xperia Z1. Recently, the kernel was re-worked and it now supports Sony’s newest flagship, the Xperia Z3. The kernel should work with every Sony device based on the Qualcomm MSM8974 platform. The kernel is based on Qualcomm’s LNX.LA.×74.0 branch and already contains some contributions from XDA users.

It’s definitely nice to see that a few OEMs care about the community. You should take into account that your device can’t use the compiled kernel out of the box. You will also need to unlock your bootloader first, and this may impair advanced camera functionality due to the loss of DRM security keys. More information regarding the risks can be found on the official Sony website.

You can find the unified kernel by visiting the official Sony Xperia Dev Github. We encourage you to visit the new AOSP for Xperia devices wiki, where Alin Jerpelea and the Sony folks explain how to build ROMs, kernels, and contribute to the development process.