Sony Brings Android M Dev Preview to 17 Devices

Sony Brings Android M Dev Preview to 17 Devices

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Sony has now released a guide on creating and flashing a test image of AOSP Android M Preview that can be used for any of the 17 Xperia devices listed on their Open Device Program. Although neither the modem or camera have been implemented, the preview is an excellent opportunity to test the new features such as improved app permissions.

Supported devices include:

The easy to follow guide has been written to be used on Linux and appears to be simple enough for most users familiar with the concept to follow with relative ease. This appears to be a great opportunity for developers using Xperia handsets to test their apps prior to the final release and grow accustomed to the many alterations. It’s certainly a pleasant change to see OEMs being so open and helping  power users in such ways.


The Guide: How to build AOSP M Developer Preview for unlocked Xperia devices

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