Sony’s Next Flagship Smartphone to Feature a New Design

Sony’s Next Flagship Smartphone to Feature a New Design

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Last year we saw a big transition in the smartphone market where OEMs were focusing on improving the quality of their camera like never before. This year, there’s been a clear trend where the goal is to reduce the bezels any way possible. Sony though, they’ve been using the same design for their smartphones for a few years now and they’re starting to look dated. However, Sony’s India managing director Kenichiro Hibi has announced their next flagship smartphone will feature a completely new design.

Sony calls their current hardware design Ominbalance, and it definitely offers a focused and signature style for the company. They’ve been using it since they launched their first X series smartphone and now it seems the company is looking to change that up with their new generation of products. They were unable to give specific details about the changes that were coming with this new design (such as a 2:1 aspect ratio, or bezel-less design), but they were able to confirm that changes are coming.

Many feel this is definitely long overdue too as customers have been asking for a new design for a couple of years now. HTC felt the wrath of the community when they were unable to make significant improvements to the design of their smartphones. And with the G5, LG learned that making changes just for the sake of making changes wasn’t a good idea either. So it will be interesting to see what the Japanese smartphone OEM can come up with for their next flagship.

We weren’t given a date for when we should expect this new flagship design, but Mr. Hibi did say it was coming “soon.” They have a history of releasing a new flagship every 6 months so it’s possible that we’ll see it in the first half of next year. The company also confirmed they are holding their ground in the mid-range segment and that they do not have any plan to leave anytime soon.

Source: The Indian Express