Test Your Apps on a Sony Device with Remote Device Lab

Test Your Apps on a Sony Device with Remote Device Lab

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When you are developing an app or game, it’s always better to test it on physical hardware rather than an emulator. Phones and tablets are optimized to bring the best ARM or x86 experience, and just generally work much better than software images. We don’t have to say how expensive a device can be and how difficult is to get one for testing.

One of the major OEMs, Sony, has decided to put an end of this rather uncomfortable situation. The company decided to give its users the option to test applications directly on Sony devices via the Internet. It’s very handy way of testing. Users can select among various Sony flagship devices and start them virtually. One session takes 30 minutes, so you need to hurry.

A few requirements have to be met in order to get access: Remote Device Lab requires relatively new versions of Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer. Java also has to be installed as well (it doesn’t work with Open JDK). Last but not the least, you (obviously) need a fast Internet connection capable of streaming the video feed from the device. Remember to use the device wisely, otherwise Sony has a right to block access to users abusing the service.

Head over to the Remote Device Lab to get started, or read more about the service on the Remote Device Lab FAQ page.

[Thanks to XDA Senior Recognized Developer jerpelea for letting us all know about this program!]