Sony Encouraging SmartWatch 2 Development

Sony Encouraging SmartWatch 2 Development

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Mobile device companies like selling devices–it’s how they make their money and it’s how they fund the next device that’s already in their pipeline. It also makes it very hard to support those same devices in 6 months when the next iteration is out. There’s one thing that can be said though about Sony, and it’s this: They work really hard to encourage development on their devices, no matter how old they might be. They’ve consistently put out AOSP for their devices, given instructions on how to build custom kernels (which no other OEM does by the way), and provided tools to load custom builds on their original SmartWatch. With the recent release of their 3rd-generation SmartWatch 3 (based on Android Wear), it’s high-time they provide people with a guide for developing Android apps for the SmartWatch 2.

Sony’s Developer World a few days ago published a collection of tips for developers wishing to tackle the SmartWatch 2. The tutorials range from how to get started with creating a new SW2 app, to how to limit battery drain, to creating widgets and clocks, and finally how to port your SW1 app to the SW2. They are presented in very concise form with the necessary steps outlined and help put you on the path you need to create great, imaginative, and original apps for the platform.

If you are interested in getting in on the action and develop some apps for a good, solid smartwatch, head on over to Sony’s Developer World and get started.

[Image taken from Sony Developer World.]