Sony teases the IMX686 image sensor for 2020 smartphones

Sony teases the IMX686 image sensor for 2020 smartphones

Sony’s Xperia mobile division has been struggling to keep up with the industry for quite a while. Earlier this year in March, the company completely restructured its mobile division and closed a smartphone plant in China to cut costs. But even then, the company remains a crucial part of the Android smartphone landscape. Well, sort of. The company is one of the biggest suppliers of camera sensors in the market and its IMX586 sensor can be found on several modern smartphones. Sony aims to keep this trend going and has now released a teaser for its upcoming IMX686 sensor.

In a recent post on Weibo, the company shared a video showcasing the capabilities of the IMX686 sensor. The video features a variety of sample shots clicked in different lighting conditions, however, it doesn’t reveal any details about the sensor’s actual specifications. The caption for the video states that the sensor will be released next year, so we can expect to see it on the next generation of flagship devices. It’s worth noting that the images in the video weren’t clicked by a smartphone and the one shown in the video is just a dummy. Instead, Sony made use of a prototype board and a PC to take the shots. Since the company hasn’t shared the full-resolution samples, we can’t be sure of the actual image quality, but the images sure do look pretty good at first glance.

Source: Weibo

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