Sony Xperia H8116 and H8166 Smartphones Appear with 4K Displays and Android Oreo

Sony Xperia H8116 and H8166 Smartphones Appear with 4K Displays and Android Oreo

Sony’s smartphone lineup for 2017 was completed with the launch of the Xperia XZ1 and the XZ1 Compact at IFA 2017 in August. This year, Sony launched multiple high-end phones: the Xperia XZs, the Xperia XZ Premium, the Xperia XZ1, and the XZ1 Compact. Out of these, the Xperia XZ Premium remains the device with the highest-end specifications in Sony’s lineup.

Now, we are already starting to hear rumors of Sony’s 2018 lineup. It seems that the company is gearing up to launch a successor to the Xperia XZ Premium in 2018. The XZ Premium is a flagship device with a 4K display, Snapdragon 835 SoC, and a 19MP ‘Motion Eye’ rear camera. It was announced at Mobile World Congress 2017, so it’s not too surprising to hear about a successor arriving in the first half of 2018. Accordingly, Xperia Blog has discovered two Xperia smartphones with model numbers H8116 and H8166 in User Agent Profiles on Sony’s website.

Sony Xperia H8116 User Profile

Via: Xperia Blog

The H8116 and the H8166 are likely to be high-end smartphones in the H81XX series of model numbers, as their User Agent Profiles give away the fact that they will be equipped with 4K displays (3840×2160), just like the Xperia XZ Premium. The 4K resolution also makes it clear that the displays will have a 16:9 aspect ratio. The phones are also confirmed to have Android Oreo and Bluetooth 5.0, but details about the processor, RAM, storage, camera, battery capacity, etc, aren’t known yet.

Xperia Blog also found another model number series, the Xperia H82XX, on Sony’s website. In this series, the publication found the existence of H8216, H8266, H8276, and the H8296. All the phones in the H82XX series have a 16:9 aspect ratio 1080p display, like the Xperia XZ1. It seems that this series will slot in just below the H81XX lineup.

We expect to receive more rumours about Sony’s 2018 flagship smartphones in the time leading to launch in 2018.

Source: User Agent Profile for H8116Source: User Agent Profile for H8166Via: Xperia Blog

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