Sony Xperia Z3 Added to the AOSP Program

Sony Xperia Z3 Added to the AOSP Program

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The Android world has been dominated by Lollipop in the last few weeks. Recently, Google not only released the source code, but they also updated the factory images for various Nexus devices. The release of Android 5.0 differs from previous versions, since various OEM partners had access to the source code much sooner than usual and managed to prepare their modified variants earlier than ever before.

Sony has done a brilliant job to maintain its AOSP projects. Not too long ago, we let you know about some of Sony’s recent AOSP project work. Sony Developer Relations Community Manager Alin Jerpelea has now prepared something else that will undoubtedly please our homegrown XDA developers. Sony added a device tree and updated blobs for the company’s current flagship, the Xperia Z3.

The provided device tree, updated blobs, and unified kernel can be used to compile AOSP for the Z3. Sony will not provide a working build, so either you learn how to compile it yourself or wait for developers to make use of the latest goodies. All AOSP builds from Sony require an unlocked bootloader, which may lead to decreased camera performance. In other words, you should backup your current TA partition before proceeding.

You can read more about Sony AOSP projects on Sony’s developer pages. An official update for the Sony Xperia Z3 is yet to be announced, but is expected in early 2015.